Going Into Battle


My name is Melissa. Most of my family and friends know me as Missie.   I am married and I have one son, who  is 16. I have lived my whole life in a small little town, nestled in the Appalachian mountains in Southern WV known as Williamson WV.  Yes, this is the same small WV town featured on the news because Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, paid the town a visit on her quest to snag the top office in the land. The heart of the trillion dollar coalfield.   However, my blog is not about that

My blog will be about a battle.  My battle with a chronic disease known as Multiple Sclerosis. You see, I was once a Registered Nurse.  I spent many years of my life taking care and seeing to other peoples needs.  It gave me a sense of fulfillment and a purpose in this life.  I am proud to be a nurse.  I did my best for every patient or person I met along the way.

However, now I find myself on the other side of the coin.  Due to my diagnosis of MS and also a seizure disorder, I had to give up my career as a nurse in 2009.  I will admit I floundered for a while.  Being an RN was as much a part of my identity as my own name.  I didn’t expect anything like this to happen to me, but it did.  I have been forced to create a new identity.

It is out of frustration that I begin this blog.  It is also out of a realization.  I have spent most of the last few years going from one doctor to the next, hoping they will be able to fix what is wrong with me.  The doctors ordered me medication.  They gave me advice but I have continued to lose ground.  I have felt sometimes like they just do not care.  After all, it is not them fighting this disease, they were getting their money from the insurance.

However, I have now had an epiphany.  I can’t depend on anybody else to fight this disease and its effects on my life but me.  So my blog is going to be about changing the way I fight this battle.  I am not going to let this disease win.  There are things I can do such as overhauling my diet, getting rid of food with chemicals and preservatives.   I can begin an eating style and exercise program to rid my body of the excess weight and strengthen it to hopefully slow down the damage that is happening to my body.   I cannot depend on anybody but God and myself to fight this battle.  It is my battle to fight.

My blog  will be about this battle and the changes.  By keeping a blog, maybe it will make me more accountable and the changes will stick for the rest of my life.   In the end, it may not change anything but I plan on giving it all I have got.  I also hope my blog will serve as an inspiration for people  battling, not just MS, but all chronic diseases.


One thought on “Going Into Battle

  1. Missie, this is wonderful! I had no idea you had MS. So sorry for you! I often times find myself having my own pity party, but then, I remember, I am made in His image, no matter what my challenges are! Love you! Enjoyed your first post!


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